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Master 1 Master 2 Master of International Business

Gestion – Management, International

Présentation de la formation

The Master of International Business (MIB) provides students with skills and expertise that will help them succeed in the global context. The MIB provides a truly international and multicultural learning environment, which makes its graduates very attractive to potential employers worldwide. The MIB program aims provides students with general and disciplinary knowledge and expertise in the various domains of international business, including:

  • Good knowledge of business systems and processes at both strategic and operational levels;
  • Strong understanding of the global business environment, and its recent major trends;
  • Applied management skills in international settings;
  • Comprehensive view of business functions (human resource management, marketing, operations, supply chain, and more)
  • In addition, the MIB program provides students with cross-disciplinary skills such as:
    • Good synthesis and analysis capabilities
    • Organizing and project management skills
    • Methodological skills

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Dossier de candidature, Entretien


✓This program is designed for all students regardless of their country of origin and nationality, recruitment for this program is worldwide.

✓The minimum admission requirements are:
• 1-year-program (Year 2 only) : a master’s degree, 1st year Master’s degree degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (approx.150 U.S credit hours or 240 ECTS)
• 2-year-program (Year 1+ Year 2) : a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution (approx.120 U.S credit hours or 180 ECTS);
• in ANY discipline, including international relations, business, engineering, sciences and humanities.
Alternatively, applicants who do not meet the requirements stated above, but who have had other significant formal training, relevant professional experience, and/or otherwise possess demonstrable knowledge or expertise that would prepare them adequately for successful study in the MIB program, may be granted admission on the recommendation and approval of the Directors of the MIB program.

✓Prior work experience is not required but candidates with experience in the private sector or a job with exposure to business practice and principles are highly relevant.

✓There is no rigid requirement as to length or nature of international experience but students should have a demonstrated interest in the international environment (studying, travelling, living and/or working abroad,).

✓The program is taught in English in a French university. No prior knowledge of French is required to attend but candidates must demonstrate sufficient mastery in English and may need to provide the results of an English test (B2 level or higher, TOEIC 790, IELTS 5,5, TOEFL IBT 80 – CBT 213 – PBT 550).