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Master 2 Corporate Finance


Présentation de la formation

    Diplôme national de Master contrôlé par l'EtatFrance Compétences RNCPEFMD Accredited Master        

RNCP Code: 35913

The Master 2 in « Corporate Finance » aims at providing students with the skills required to analyse and manage corporate finances.

The main areas of study include managing investments and risk, planning and managing financial strategies, managing interest and exchange rate exposures, and corporate accounting and audit.

On completion of these studies in corporate finance, students will have acquired a breadth of financial expertise including a good grasp of how markets operate, as well as a more specific understanding of banking, accounting, strategy, and IT.

Students pursuing the track Corporate Finance will learn to:

  • apply financial analysis and corporate valuation methods;
  • plan and manage strategic financing;
  • identify and manage operational and financial risks.


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Non applicable

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Dossier de candidature, Entretien


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