Asked Questions

What steps do I need to take to register with an IAE as part of an exchange?

If you are aware of a partnership between your home university and an IAE, or if you are joining an Erasmus programme, contact the international relations office of the IAE that you wish to join.

You can find the contact details of international relations managers on each individual IAE website (‘international’ or ‘foreign students’ section).

What steps do I need to take to register with an IAE outside the scope of a university exchange?

You should go to the Campus France website and then click on the ‘countries sites’ icon in the top right of the page and click on your country of origin.

Campus France is a platform that will guide you through the registration process required for accessing French higher education using its ‘Study in France’ programme.

If your country of origin is not on the list offered by Campus France, you can find more information by following this link.

Once you have completed the procedures with Campus France, you will have access to the list of training courses available to international IAE students via their platform.

What level is required to join an IAE?

Some IAEs recruit directly after the Bac (equivalent of A levels in the UK, high school diploma in the USA) for first year undergraduate degree studies. Entrance to IAEs is generally for final year undergraduate students who have completed a Bac plus two years (preparatory class, Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT), Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) or second year of an undergraduate degree). Entry is also possible at the Master 1 level (having validated a Bac plus three years) and more rarely at Master 2 (having validated a Bac plus four years).

What is the admission process for joining an IAE?

Candidates for entry into IAE are assessed according to several criteria, which may vary from one IAE and one course to another: quality of the application, results of the IAE Message Score, results from previous years and interview.

When are the registration dates?

The registration period generally runs between early February and late April. However, registration dates are specific to each diploma and therefore vary from one diploma or IAE to another. We therefore advise you to check the website of the IAE concerned. The relevant dates are usually written on the application forms.

Be sure to consider the Campus France registration deadlines.

I would like to study through distance learning, is this possible at an IAE?

Some IAEs offer distance learning. To get the full list of e-learning training courses available, you must register via Campus France, which will give you the list of training courses available to international students.

Are IAEs public establishments?

Yes, IAEs are public institutions that depend on a State university. They issue State diplomas.

What is a State diploma?

A State diploma is a diploma endorsed (it has obtained a visa) by the French Ministry. This indicates that the school and training are regularly monitored and have received approval from the Ministry in terms of curriculum content and teaching methods. Such diplomas benefit from European equivalence and are State guaranteed.

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