The school

Assets :

Specialised Masters and double competence

Diversity of profiles

Social accessibility

Revealing and connecting talents for responsible and innovative management in local and international organisations

Situated in the heart of a 180-hectare, American-style campus near ski resorts, IAE Grenoble is the graduate school of management of Grenoble INP - UGA, an engineering and management institute and world-class university. Our environment is characterised by an international and innovative ecosystem marked by close links between a diverse set of players including engineering and management schools, public and private research laboratories, global companies and start-ups. Living, studying and working in this unique environment is a fantastic opportunity for all our students, faculty and partners.

Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA offers initial training, work-study and continuing education programmes from Bachelor's to Master's level in a range of management disciplines. Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA trains responsible and innovative managers with a solid grounding in professional practices and management research. Its mission has always been based on social accessibility, diversity of profiles and projects, and proximity. With this approach, Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA hosts nearly 1,600 students and professionals, 25% of whom are from abroad, on its campuses in Grenoble and Valence and as part of international partnerships. Each year, nearly 800 Master's students graduate and are rapidly employed in all sectors of activity, both in France and abroad. With more than 26,000 graduates since 1956, Grenoble IAE - INP, UGA contributes to building a sustainable world in which its alumni are informed citizens helping to advance global transitions.

Philippe Protin

Dean Grenoble IAE-INP


Grenoble IAE offers a diverse training offer covering
all management roles:

2,000 students

300 in continuing education

23,000 alumni

650 international partnerships

93% professional insertion

€36,000 average annual salary

The training programme allowed me to start a double degree with IAE in parallel with my fifth and final year at Polytech. I am currently completing this double degree at Grenoble IAE. I know that the dual engineer/manager skills are highly sought after by companies. It will allow me to find a job more easily and to evolve more quickly to positions with greater responsibility. Beyond the managerial aspect, the training introduces a corporate culture which makes it possible to understand how this works and also incorporates the global challenges we currently face.

Damien Terrage

M2 MAE Engineer Manager, high level athlete in alpine skiing


Grenoble IAE
525 Avenue Centrale
38400 Saint Martin d’Hères

Phone : 04 76 82 59 27