Welcome to France


As an international student, you have chosen to come and study in France.
During your university stay, you will discover a whole new culture and meet many students from around the world. Located in the heart of Europe, France is an open and multicultural country that is proud to welcome thousands of international students every year.

Choose France for your studies

In 2019, 343,000 international students chose France for their ongoing studies, and for many different reasons:

  • A pleasant and fulfilling living environment in the heart of Europe.
    In terms of foreign visitors, France is the world’s leading tourist destination (OMT, 2014). Beyond tourism, France is recognised for its quality of life, in particular its efficient public transport network and its modern and accessible low-cost health system.
  • The French way of life
    World famous monuments, UNESCO world heritage sites, museums, cinemas, festivals, theatres, fashion and gastronomy all bear witness to the richness of France’s cultural life.
  • French, an international language
    Found on 5 continents and the official language of many states and international organisations, French is the 5th most spoken language with nearly 300 million speakers. After English, French is the most learned language in the world.
  • World-class economic power and leading international companies
    France is the 5th largest economic power in the world, 2nd in Europe in terms of GDP and the 2nd largest market in Europe, with 65 million consumers (IMF 2014, Eurostat 2014). France is recognised for its scientific, industrial and economic expertise and has around 30 companies among the world’s top 500 (Fortune Global 500, 2014). Several French industrial groups are leaders in their sector and are established around the world: Airbus, Total, Areva, Orange, Sanofi, LVMH, L'Oréal, Danone, Renault, Michelin, Carrefour etc., not to mention small and medium-sized businesses .
  • High-level research
    France is ranked number 6 in the world table for domestic spending on Research and Development. CNRS is the world’s number 1 research organisation (Nature Index, 2015). Some 42% of doctoral students registered in France are international students.
  • Training funded and guaranteed by the State
    France finances a highly significant share of the real cost of studies for each student. Higher education diplomas, based around the European system of Degree-Master-Doctorate, are validated by the State, guaranteeing their international recognition.
  • And finally, excellent higher education at IAEs
    With its 37 schools spread across mainland France and beyond, the IAE FRANCE network offers a range of quality training at all levels and in all areas of management. More than 1,000 programmes provide management training via courses in both French and English. The skills acquired during the course of your studies will be validated by a State diploma which is recognised internationally.
Welcome to France

France, 4th hosting country for international students, 1st non-English speaking country.

At IAE, we have an International Relations office that helps international students in all the necessary procedures before, during and after their stay. Once in France, international students are guided through each stage of their integration (registration, applications, accommodation search, choice of courses etc.) through our multilingual teams and all of our supporting material is translated into English.


International Relations office manager, IAE Montpellier