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Assets :

95.3% of students graduating from a Master 2 believe the training met their expectations

92.9% of students are in employment within 6 months of obtaining their diploma (including 62% upon graduation)

The word of the director

IAE Lille is a component of the University of Lille, resulting from the recent merger between the former IAE Lille and the FFBC-IMMD Faculty.

By joining IAE Lille, you will become part of one of the largest management schools in France, spread over three sites (more than 4,500 students in 2020-2021). The IAE Lille is also more than 120 permanent teachers active in research, more than 600 temporary professional teachers who share their knowledge and professional experience with you. It is also 90 administrative staff at your disposal to offer you the services you expect from a school. Our ambition is to accompany you during your studies by offering you both a solid base of theoretical knowledge on which you can build and practical knowledge that will allow you to be quickly operational on the job market.

By joining IAE Lille we also want to share with you the values that we hold dear:
- an ethical behaviour in your actions,
- a respect for others that ensures the well-being of all: your fellow students, teachers and administrative staff,
- open-mindedness and curiosity, which are essential for learning and understanding the world.

We are committed to the values of academic excellence and expect you to be ambassadors for them.

Our goal is to train you as well as possible to integrate you into the job market but we also hope that the years you will spend at IAE Lille will be fulfilling for your personal life.

Pascal Grandin

Dean IAE Lille, University school of management

2,000 students (of which 46% are on sandwich courses)

26,500 graduates

72 teacher-researchers

11 visiting international professors

More than 400 guest speakers

3,000 partner companies

100 international partnerships within the university including 40 Erasmus+ (28 countries)

2 research laboratories

Premises in the heart of Old Lille

I graduated from the Masters in Management Sciences in 2001 and my various professional experiences have led me to occupy the position of administrative and financial manager within an association called Les Orchidée (a nursing home supporting elderly people who are independent or have reduced autonomy ). After eight years in finance, I needed to give some meaning to my career and to open up to other human-oriented sectors. So, I decided to take a Master 2 in Business Management in the Health Sector in order to perfect my knowledge in this field and was therefore able to join the management team of a retirement home in 2012.
IAE Lille is a genuine institution allowing us to acquire the methodology and rigour necessary for the pursuit of excellence, while developing our openness to the world around us and, in particular, the business world.

Sébastien, graduate through apprenticeship and Master 2 MESS on sandwich course MSG Lille

Nursing home director



104, avenue du Peuple Belge
59043 Lille Cedex

Phone : +33 3 20 12 34 50