Asked Questions

Is passing the Score IAE Message (SIM) mandatory for registering at an IAE?

Passing the SIM is not compulsory for all training courses offered in IAEs. You should check whether the training you wish to apply for requires you take a test. If so, it is mandatory to take it. If not, there is no need to take it. Consult our training directory to find out more. You will easily spot those training courses requiring the SIM.

Where do I have to register to take the Score IAE Message?

Registration for the SIM takes place on the website

There you can also find information about the centres outside France where you can take the SIM exam.

How much does it cost to register for the Score IAE Message?

The SIM registration fee is €30.

Can I take the Score IAE Message multiple times?

You can register for several SIM sessions and thereby pass it several times. Since it will be up to you to transmit your results to the courses to which you want to apply, you will have the opportunity to transmit your best results. However, be careful with the session at the end of August as many courses will have already completed their recruitment by then. Remember to contact the secretariats of the courses concerned.

Find more information on the SIM website.

For how long are my Score IAE Message results valid?

Your Score IAE Message results are valid for a period of three academic years (for scores passed before 2017 they were for two academic years).

Can I submit my application to an IAE without having passed the written tests?

If written tests have to be taken in order to apply for a course, it is necessary to take them sufficiently in advance so you can attach your results to your application. Otherwise, the incomplete file may be refused.

I am registered for a Score IAE Message, do I have to register additionally for each IAE one by one?

SIM registration is unique regardless of the number of IAEs to which you apply. In addition, at the same time as this registration, you will need to download an application for each of the training courses to which you are applying.

Do I have to take the written tests more than once if I am applying to more than one IAE?

If the courses you are applying for require the Score IAE Message, you need take it only once. Watch out for certain specialisations that require a TAGE-MAGE test.

Can the Score IAE Message be substituted by the TAGE-MAGE?

No, the Score IAE Message cannot be substituted with the TAGE-MAGE.