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I found an IAE that is not listed in the IAE FRANCE network, what does this mean?

If an IAE is not listed on the website, it is because it is not a member of IAE FRANCE. To see the full list of IAE members, click this link.

What are the differences between IAEs and business schools?

IAEs are management schools within universities. The majority of business schools have private or consular status, while IAEs operate within universities in a public environment. IAEs offer the same type of education (selective entry, promotion of staff, close supervision, proximity to businesses and international openness) while remaining faithful to university values (national and university degrees, university tuition fees, driving role of research and academic rigour).

Strengthened by their diversity, IAEs nevertheless share a common DNA based on:

  • Quality training
  • A space for knowledge production in management sciences
  • Interaction with their environment
  • Values
  • Women and men at the heart of IAEs dedicated to diversity

What does an IAE have to do to be a member of the IAE FRANCE network?

To be a member of the IAE FRANCE network, an establishment must follow an admission procedure that leads to the preparation of a report and a hearing submitted for validation by IAE FRANCE’s General Assembly.
Since 2014, all IAE members of the IAE FRANCE network must be Qualicert-certified or have international accreditation for their establishment. Find out more about Qualicert

Is there a classification of IAEs?

There is no classification of IAEs because these schools, united within the same network, are not designed to compete with each other. Each IAE has its strengths, differences and specialities. The choice will have to be made by yourself, according to your preferences, your personal criteria and your intended career path.

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