Asked Questions

What is continuing vocational training?

This is training for working people or those seeking to retrain, who want to develop their skills or change their field of study.

How do I register for continuing vocational training?

Consult our training directory to find diplomas that are open to continuing training, then consult the IAE websites to download the application forms. Make sure you consider the time required for the Campus France procedures for registering students from outside France.

What is the pace of continuing vocational training?

There are two scenarios: full-time and part-time. In the latter case, the training is scheduled in such a way that it can co-exist with students’ work life. This can take different forms:  monthly seminars, blocks of days or courses outside working time (evenings and Saturday).

Is it possible to do follow continuing vocational training through evening classes?

Some training courses are available as evening classes or even on Saturdays.

Can all training be done through continuing vocational training?

Most diploma courses (undergraduate degree, Master and PhD) are open to continuing education, consult the training directory.

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