The school

Assets :

The Business School spirit in the University: School of Knowledge and Action

An exceptional campus and location

Excellence training at unparalleled value

An IAE focused on the South Pacific

The IAE of New Caledonia is dedicated to management training at Master's level.

Open to all, it works to develop management skills in the Caledonian territory. .

It includes a master's degree in Business Management and Administration (MAE) as well as a master's degree in Computer Methods Applied to Business Management (MIAGE).

On the international level, it manages a Professional undergraduate degree in Tourism in Vanuatu.




    Promotion of 15 students on average

    An international quality campus

    25% of courses in English

    First of all, I chose to apply for a MAE Master's degree in IAE because the opportunities offered are very good (executive position). In addition, this diploma makes it possible to find a job directly after completing the Master's degree because it corresponds to demand on the local labor market. We benefit from a diversity of professors that I find interesting because the courses are given by academics but also by professionals who can provide us with details on the reality on the ground. Although each speaker has professional constraints to respect, the reliability of the schedules of the IAE allows us to organize ourselves so that each course is a symphony of efficiency.

    Corentin GIRAULT

    Graduated from the 1st promotion of the IAE of New Caledonia



    IAE de Nouvelle-Calédonie
    Campus de Nouville
    BP R498851 Nouméa Cedex

    Phone : +697 290 800