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A comprehensive training offer ranging from degree to PhD

Training excellence as witnessed by the high level of professional integration

A completely renovated historic building in the city centre (Place Jaude) offering students a 100% digital working environment

A word from the Director, IAE Clermont Auvergne

The IAE Clermont Auvergne is the "management faculty" of the University of Clermont Auvergne. Our educational programmes begin with the ‘license’, or Bachelor of management, which is offered within the Bachelor ‘Law-Economy-Management (DEG)’ degree programe. Our management degree, the foundation of the IAE Clermont Auvergne, allows students to acquire the fundamentals necessary to continue in future studies and is a success factor necessary to advance to our Masters qualifications.

The educational programmes of the IAE Clermont Auvergne ensure an excellent opportunity to start in your career either at the level of "bac +3" with a general Bachelor’s degree, or with one of our professional bachelor degrees, or at the level "bac +5" with our Masters qualifications. Surveys conducted by the Observatory of training and student outcomes (OFDE) of the university show that graduates of the IAE get a stable job very quickly. This professional insertion is helmed by our important network of socio-economic partners in both the private and public sectors. The educational programmes of the IAE Clermont Auvergne offer many opportunities for internships as well as apprenticeships in companies from the third year of study which aid in this transition to employment.

Beyond obtaining your first job, our university courses in management are based on solid foundations that will allow you to enter into different professions from those for which you originally trained. With a constantly changing labour market, more and more people will be required to work in more than one capacity during the course of their working lives. These solid academic foundations go hand in hand with the fact that our courses are backed up by research and even offer the possibility, for those who so wish, to continue to undertake a university doctorate ("bac + 8").

All that we do is solidly anchored in the regional economic fabric, but the international dimension is also very much represented at the IAE Clermont Auvergne, with a large number of collaborations with foreign partner universities in place, allowing students to leave for a semester or even a year to study abroad. This internationalisation also includes a management degree course in modern languages, a degree course in business administration and two master courses taught entirely in English.

Studying at the IAE Clermont Auvergne means joining a national network - IAE France - which guarantees the quality and visibility of our management courses.

Professor Benjamin Williams-Rambaud

Director of IAE Clermont Auvergne


IAE Clermont Auvergne offers a diverse training offer
covering all management roles:

2,400 students

55 teacher-researchers

300 guest speakers

18 Masters, 1 general degree, 6 professional degrees

6 Masters ranked in 2018 by SMBG-Eduniversal as among the best Masters of their category in France

93% professional integration at 6 months

85% stable employment rate (permanent contracts)

89% executive employment rate

35 agreements with foreign universities

I completed the Management degree at IAE Clermont Auvergne through the exchange programme between my Ukrainian university and the University of Clermont Auvergne. Then I did a Masters in Project Management, Innovation and Digital Transformation. My studies at IAE Clermont Auvergne were the best possible investment for my future. They have meant that I am in high demand in the job market and have a solid base of knowledge and skills.

Kristina Y.



11 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle
63000 Cermont-Ferrand

Phone : +33 (0)4 73 17 77 00