Research chairs

Management research maintains close relationships with the life and practices of organisations in general and companies in particular: researchers feed on the observation and analysis of these practices and, in turn, the conclusions of their studies feed the knowledge and behaviour of actors.

With a desire to institutionalise relations between research and organisations, some IAEs have created Research Chairs which bring together socio-economic stakeholders (companies, consultancy firms etc.) and researchers from IAEs, in a strong partnership that links research, education and business.


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A chair aims to develop teaching and research expertise on themes defined in partnership with partner companies.

For teacher-researchers in management working with companies sounds obvious! At iaelyon, we have established a chair on the basis of a shared vision with our partner companies, according to which cooperative governance could be a benefit in the goods and services sector and the job market. Of course, it takes time to learn how to bring our two worlds into dialogue but, in the end, it’s really win-win. The company benefits from an in-depth and solid analysis of the problem posed, without the bias of a commercial relationship, and researchers have access to ‘real’ data that is these days essential to establish the legitimacy of their work. Ultimately, it is our students who benefit from this, with findings that cross a researcher-company perspective on current problems faced by managers.


Scientific co-manager of the Development of cooperative and mutualist models chair