Research in IAE

Research: a fundamental mission for IAEs

Research activities are essential for the evolution and credibility of IAEs. Research guarantees the quality of teaching because it allows teachers to deepen theories, paving the way for the evolution of teaching itself.

In the IAEs, this research is conducted by more than 1,200 teacher-researchers (university lecturers and professors) whose mission is to develop their respective fields and transmit knowledge to students. Depending on the hub to which they belong, teacher-researchers are attached to various research laboratories.

Beyond the events organised by IAEs and to promote research within the network, IAE FRANCE stages an annual doctoral seminar designed for young doctoral students in management. This helps to support students as they start their theses and ensures their participation in the organisation of a research congress, which takes place every 2 years in a different IAE.




Research laboratories


Joint research units with CNRS


Research partnership agreements


Theses defended in IAEs in 2016

Teaching fuelled by the latest scientific advances

Research and knowledge production guarantee the quality of teaching as they drive the production of skills.

The participation of teacher-researchers in congresses, symposia and study days allows them to encounter approaches that are different from those they usually use. It means they can develop new teaching materials for transmitting knowledge to students.


Management research, driving innovation in businesses

Directly applicable to business management through the optimisation of managerial practices, innovation processes and organisational planning, management research is a real driver of business innovation, directly creating added value.

In the field of management sciences, the link with businesses is fundamental. Beyond the theoretical implications of the work, a thesis in management science involves a concrete application in the management of companies or organisations.


To enable this research, IAEs have developed a network of partner companies, facilitating a comparison of the approaches of teacher-researchers with business practices. This permanent link with the business world also makes it possible to improve the relevance of lessons, making them as close as possible to the realities of the world of work.

Companies are therefore involved in different ways:

  • Research fields are rolled out within large groups and SMEs.
  • Research and study contracts are conducted on behalf of socio-economic actors.
  • Doctoral projects are funded through CIFRE contracts (industrial research training agreements).
  • Chairs are created with partner companies.

IAEs represent a community of more than 1,200 management teacher-researchers.

Research in management science offers undeniable support and benefits for the quality of the teaching offered within IAEs because it allows teacher-researchers to be at the forefront of new developments and scientific knowledge in their areas of specialisation. While it allows them to retransmit the most current practices and reflections to students, management sciences and the research conducted also aim to help companies in their reflections and strategic and operational decision-making. Exchanges between researchers and managers allow both parties to develop their respective understanding of the business world and to improve how it functions.

Caroline Mothe

University Professor - IAE Savoie Mont Blanc, IREGE

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