The IAE label
boosts career prospects

The IAE label is reassuring. It is clear that companies prefer candidates who combine practicality with expertise. The quality of the training offered by IAEs makes it possible to train students who are immediately operational and professionals tailored to the needs of job markets..

A major survey conducted by IAE FRANCE in 2017 confirmed that the professional skills training introduced by IAE ensures students are operational and therefore attractive to companies.

On hiring, the average gross annual salary for IAE students is € 27,900, a figure very close to the average recruiting salary for graduates from private business schools.

Graduates with the IAE diploma quickly enter the jobs market, with rates close to full employment one year after graduation. The end-of-study internship remains the number one route into a career, with 32.1% of graduates hired at the end of their internship. Sandwich courses are second.


IAEs are a great passport
to career development

According to the 2017 survey, 92% of IAE graduates have successfully launched their careers, mainly in the private sector (3 graduates out of 4) and in highly varied business areas, in particular banking, insurance and finance (13%), energy industries (13%), and consultancy and auditing (10%). IAE graduates occupy positions of responsibility with 66% of them in senior positions and 22% in management posts.

This multi-generation study shows the strength of IAE training and education in career development. The percentage of graduates in senior and management posts, the percentage with supervisory roles and remuneration levels increase linearly over the professional careers of IAE graduates. This is a sign that IAE training courses offer not only excellent career prospects after graduating but also provide the building blocks and passport to constant adaptation to the business world and professional development.

What the graduates say

Since their creation, IAEs have awarded diplomas to more than 500,000 managers, executives and engineers working in all regions of France and in more than 120 countries worldwide. Many of these occupy key positions and are decision-makers of all levels and ages, working in a myriad of business sectors. In What the graduates say, you can get information on alumni associations and clubs in both France and worldwide.

IAE FRANCE on LinkedIn

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Almost 1 in 2 diploma students get a job as a continuation of their INTERNSHIP or SANDWICH COURSE

I would never have imagined that one day I would be leading the Human Resources department for a CAC40 company. The IAE provided me with the right foundations for analysing and progressing, and a capacity for constant learning.


IAE graduate 1973


I was able to acquire a general culture centred around the management of relatively large businesses. This allowed me to approach the different roles of my successive posts without feeling out of my depth. Putting this knowledge into practice allowed me to target the actions and strategies that were needed and to analyse the profiles and tools I needed to surround myself with in order to progress.


IAE graduate 1993


The IAE was key to my career taking off. Thanks to the diploma every door was open to me. I even created my own professional training company thanks to the recognition I received through my Masters. Even today, it allows me to understand the challenges in terms of training the employees in my company.


IAE graduate 2011