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A complete management training offer from final year undergraduate degree to PhD, from initial training to continuing education

IAE Limoges - University School of Management: at the heart of its socio-economic system

IAE Limoges aims to train its students for rapid integration into the world of work. Thanks to the skills provided by experts, the school helps to energise partner companies. One of the specificities of IAE Limoges is the desire to work on the positioning of people, their commitment, agility and mastery of digital technology, which will make them a talent for the benefit of their region in the future. We want to instil an entrepreneurial spirit in all our users through our innovation workshops.

Vincent Jolivet

Dean IAE Limoges


IAE Limoges offers a diverse training offer
covering all management roles:

600 students

15 diplomas

20 teacher-researchers

More than 100 guest speakers

Open to sandwich courses (work-study) and international study

A student-business interface (search for internships, missions, development of entrepreneurship)

Student Office and an active alumni network

An IAE in the city centre close to cultural and leisure activities

I come from the world of graphic design and joined IAE Limoges in order to acquire knowledge on management and marketing to complement the creative side and throw myself into project management in the communication sector. IAE Limoges offers a course specialised in innovation management. The course focuses on entrepreneurship and marketing, two crucial areas these days. Entrepreneurship is booming, with many communities and organisations being created with the aim of supporting project leaders. What I particularly like in my training are the group projects created during tutorials. As well as being enriching experiences, knowing how to work in a team is essential for future managers. IAE Limoges is also a school that listens, thanks to the administrative team and the Student Office which are there to support us in our efforts.

Mélanie LE NICOL



IAE Limoges Campus Centre-Ville - 3, rue François Mitterrand 87031 Limoges cedex 1

Phone : +33 (0)5 55 14 90 27