Asked Questions

I am not a French student, so what steps do I need to take to come and study in an IAE?

There are several possibilities for foreign students to come and study at an IAE:

Study in an exchange programme as part of a partnership between an IAE and an international university.

Study through an individual training application.

The application procedures will differ depending on whether your country of origin benefits from CEF procedures (‘Studies in France’) or not. For the list of countries with CEF procedures, click here. If so, your application should be made via the Campus France website (, at the same time as you register with an IAE. If not, applications should be made directly with the IAE that interests you. You will need to download and complete the registration form available on the IAE’s website.

Can I use the Erasmus programme with an IAE?

IAEs encourage their students to study abroad in a foreign language in order to improve their linguistic knowledge, discover a new culture etc. Both undergraduate and Master students registered with an IAE can access international exchanges depending on their particular institution. To find out about partnerships abroad for a particular IAE, consult the partnership world map.

Are double degrees possible with foreign universities?

Some IAEs offer the possibility of obtaining a double degree in partnership with foreign universities. For more information, contact the relevant IAE international relations department.

Is off-site training possible at IAEs?

You can find the list of off-site diplomas in the training brochure.

I want to continue my studies abroad, is my undergraduate degree recognised internationally?

An IAE Bachelor degree is a state diploma recognised under the European BMD system and validates 180 ECTS credits. Outside Europe, you may be asked for a certificate of equivalence.

Is it possible to include a year of studying abroad in the IAE curriculum?

There are more than 1,000 international agreements within IAEs which allow students to study at partner universities in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia and Australia. Browse the list of international partnerships for each IAE by clicking here.

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