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Master's degree International Business Management – International Management and Marketing

Administration – Management, International, Marketing – Communication – Sales

Training presentation

The second year of Master’s degree in International Management and Marketing (MIM) provides students with spe-cific knowledge in international marketing that will enable them to develop, negociate and im-plement appropriate decisions regarding the economic, legal and cultural context of international organizations.

International Management Master’s degrees are high level programmes with strong connection to international market organizations. In this way, it benefits from a good reputation in the business world.

The programme is entirely taught in English.


Format :
Initial training, Continuing education

Language(s) :

International mobility :

Admission requirements :
Application form, Other tests, Recruitment interview, Score IAE Message (SIM)


Non-EU students living in a country affected by the “Études en France” procedure can apply through Campus France website.

Non-EU students living in another country can apply through e-candidat platform.

Applicants must prove an English language proficiency and certify by submitting a language certificate such as TOEFL or TOEIC. Citizens of AngloSaxon countries do not have to provide evidence of language proficiency.
All previous exams results along with a CV and a cover letter will be asked when applying.
Students will be called in for an interview.