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Master 1 Master's degree MBA International MBA


Training presentation

Deadline for Application for 2021 are now over.

You are welcome to apply in April 2022 for next academic year 2022-2023.


The International Master’s in Business Administration (IMBA), taught entirely in English, is a unique opportunity to study management in Paris in an international and stimulating environment.

The IMBA is a very selective and challenging full-time programme in management. It gathers students from diverse academic, professional and national backgrounds (more than 80% international students), and is designed to provide skills in the core areas of business administration as well as an in-depth understanding of concepts, techniques and professional applications in various management disciplines.

The curriculum includes advanced courses that enable students to make optimal management decisions in an ever more complex business environment. It offers participants the opportunity to gain international transferable skills for the workplace.

The Master 2 is divided in two tracks : A French Track for French Speakers Engineers, Architects, Lawyers seeking a dual competence (International MBA – MAE) and an English Track intended for non french speaking students with at least a Bachelor’s Degree over four years (or 240 ECTS credits) in Management, Economics or Social Sciences, as well as students in other disciplines (Engineering, Life, Sciences, Law, Political Sciences, etc.) or junior managers who wish to advance their career.


After the first year:

According to their grades, at the end of this first year, students can specialize themselves in one of the Second Year Master’s of any French IAE programs. They have also access to other specialized curriculum in France (Universities, “Grandes Ecoles”) or abroad:

  • IAE Eiffel, Master Gestion de Portefeuille, Master GHR, Master Marketing Chef de Produit, Master Innovation, Design et Luxe, Master Logistique et Achats Internationaux…
  • UC Berkeley, Californie Master in Health Management
  • Dauphine M2 en Marketing
  • Dauphine M2 en Gestion de Projet
  • Paris II Panthéon Assas
  • CNAM, Master Project Management and Business Engineering
  • GEM, Master Digital Strategy
  • Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris

Students can continue in the second year of the International MBA either in the French or English Track

Students can also directly choose to work in France or abroad. Below are some of the positions now held by IMBA alumni:

  • Junior Accountant Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Online Marketing Specialist

Location :

Format :
Initial training

Language(s) :
French, German, Spanish

International mobility :

Admission requirements :
Application form, Recruitment interview, Score IAE Message (SIM)


Skills and Jobs

Students will enhance their ability to analyse complex situations and contribute to strategic decisions with a more holistic view on doing business and greater confidence to take on additional responsibilities. They will become reliable professionals with a hands-on mentality and analytical, digital and intercultural social skills.

More specifically Master’s will lead to:

  • Broadening and deepening general knowledge in Management and Finance
  • Using and adapting knowledge in association with an ethical intercultural viewpoint
  • Gaining experience in major French or International companies
  • Joining the IAE France Alumni network

Graduates will be able to apply for general or project management positions in start-ups, international companies, institutions or organisations, leading on to highly diversified international careers in France, Europe and other countries.

Positions currently held by alumni include:

  • Assistant Manager Analytics – Strategic Operations at Adidas (Germany)
  • Sales Development Representative at HP (Spain)
  • Assistant Global Strategic Marketing at Sanofi Aventis (France)
  • Global CSR Project Manager at Havas Group (France)
  • Corporate Strategy Analyst at IDEMIA (France)
  • Environmental Manager at Airbus (France).
  • Other alumni positions include Marketing Analyst, Digital Marketer, Development Manager, Expert Solution, Event Manager, HR Manager, Entrepreneur, PhD candidate.




The program covers two academic years. Students can choose to apply to Master 1 or to Master provided they fullfil the requirements.

Master 1: From September until April
Master 2 (English Track): From September until February / (French Track) : From September until December

In Master 2 there are a joint courses between both tracks and more specialized courses for each track.

Class size is limited to 25 students. Classes include students from around the world (more than 16 different nationalities).

Master 1

Professional Experience: An elective 3-month work placement in France or abroad

Master 2

Professional Experience: 6-month work placement in France or abroad


Teaching Method

The teaching method and the small size of the class foster strong student involvement, through active participation, personal involvement and team work. Emphasis is placed on the development of analytical skills, critical thinking, and digital and social skills.

All courses consist of a mix of lectures, discussions, conferences, projects, learning expeditions, presentations, academic readings, case studies and online courses from Harvard Business Publishing.

Faculty members are international Professors, Researchers, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Senior Lecturers who all enthusiastically share their vision and expertise.