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Our Executive MBA (EMBA) aims to train the type of leaders that businesses need to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. It is designed for high-potential professionals from various backgrounds who strive to gain knowledge in all key general management areas as well as improve their leadership skills and develop a clear understanding of complex business issues and their practical solutions.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Earn both an internationally-recognised MBA degree as well as a French Master’s degree entirely taught in English.
  • Experience a strong and proven programme that will develop your competencies in management, leadership, change and consulting.
  • Increase your confidence while building your professional networks and creating new opportunities for yourself.
  • Focus on innovative business activities that achieve profitable and sustainable growth.
  • Enjoy a shared investment between organisations willing to develop and retain talented people and individuals seeking to boost their careers.
  • Undertake a Business Consulting Project that represents a significant return-on-investment (ROI) for both you and your company.
    • Our Executive MBA combines an exciting range of courses in the areas of management competences, skills and challenges as well as intensive focus on leadership and global perspectives. Additionally, it offers unique opportunities for corporate visits, conferences, business simulations & games as well as through an E-learning platform (Crossknowledge™).
    • The programme regularly involves intensive smallgroup projects guided by faculty mentors like Business Project (BP).
    • Each Executive MBA participant is required to engage him-/herself and companies in an internal consulting project (ICP).

Programme Overview

12 residential weeks over a 21-month period – In fast track mode, it can be completed in 10 months

The Internal Consulting Project, ICP : Adding Value to a company and preparing your future

The Internal Consulting Project (ICP) is both an essential and rewarding element in the Executive MBA experience. As an integral “win-win” aspect of the programme, participants must work with both a company and an academic mentor to develop an in-company project focusing on a specific area for growth or improvement. The project takes place over the course of the second year of study. The ICP offers many benefits? In particular, Executive MBA participants develop consultancy and project management skills while using new knowledge and logistical frameworks as well as gaining experience leading cross-cultural teams.

Location :

Format :
Continuing education

International mobility :

Admission requirements :
Application form, Other tests, Recruitment interview, Score IAE Message (SIM)


An MBA programme has many advantages as a degree. Most importantly, however, is its broad scope and practicality. It is a degree that offers a whole set of general management skills that can be applied across virtually all sectors and functions of business. Executive MBA participants come from diverse backgrounds and continue their professional lives in a variety of senior management positions globally.

At the AMGSM-IAE, we strongly value the diversity of our Executive MBA participants and we are able to develop a wide range of executive profiles. Age and experience are necessary elements for success in this programme as we will draw heavily upon this accumulated knowledge and experience to deal with complex international business issues in class and during group and individual projects.

Because our mission is to create innovative and flexible leaders, we value risk-takers and those with a genuine entrepreneurial spirit.