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Phd University degree Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (EDBA)


Training presentation

An EDBA is a gold card to executive positions across a wide spectrum of global business fields. You can create knowledge from your experience and your management practices.

Managers, Professionals with successful careers and Senior executives; looking to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in their area of expertise and transmission of experience. Upper level professionals eager to take a step back from their ongoing professional activities and do research on a specific managerial situation.

With this very high-level diploma, IAE Nice seeks to impact the management community by offering top-notch learning to senior executives from around the world. Our programmes are designed and delivered by researchers and practitioners with close ties to the international business community.

A hallmark of EDBA Nice is the dedication to your individual development in our programmes. We support you to conceptualize your knowledge and acquired experience in the form of a professional Doctorate.

We aim at fostering your culture of learning. The intention is to position the professional and personal development of our executive fellows at the heart of our learning process.

Goals :

  • Go deeper into fundamentals acquired in management science, Marketing or Finance and train executives according to the market expectations
  • Give you the ability to take your career to the next level and gain more expertise in Business Administration
  • Acquire lifelong tools to achieve your ambitions and dreams


Location :

Format :
Initial training, Continuing education

Language(s) :

International mobility :

Admission requirements :
Application form, Recruitment interview


The candidates are pre-selected based on the following 3 cumulative criteria:

  • Necessary pre-requisite to be eligible: to have been awarded a Master’s degree or equivalent (300 ECTS Credits or 150 US Credits)
  • Academic results and distinctions
  • Quality of professional background
  • English proficiency

Following examination of the application, pre-selected candidates will be interviewed.

During the interview, you will be requested to present your research project.

Candidates in continuing education: must hold a degree equivalent to 4 years of higher education and have at least 5 years professional experience and must satisfy specific application criteria (2 years of study interruption, have a salary, individual leave of absence for education….). They should contact the “Formation Continue” for further details about the application process and the validation of prior job experience (VAE/VAP).




Courses are scheduled one weekend per month to allow you to study and work at the same time if you so choose


Management of large private and public enterprises

Management Consulting

Socio-economic studies/consulting

Marketing expertise

Treasury and Finance