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Diplôme universitaire University Diploma in Management

Gestion – Management, International

Présentation de la formation

The University Diploma in Management from IAE NANCY is 1 semester high-level diploma in theoretical and applied management taught in English. It is open to business and non-business students after 4 years of university studies following a Bachelor’s degree or first-year Master’s programme (M1) and to professionals in adult continuing education. This course allows students or managers to complement their expertise in non-business fields with a comprehensive curriculum in business. In order to meet business challenges in a globalized world, this course also allows students or managers specialized in specific fields to broaden their perspectives and increase their transferable skills.

The participants in the program will learn to manage transversal management processes, effect organizational change and define the business strategy of an organization. On completion of the programme, graduates will be able to redefine organizational processes and the roles and structures consistent with a company’s business strategy.They will also learn about managing people and projects in global, multi-cultural contexts, with an emphasis on collaborative transversal processes rather than a functional silo approach.

  • Manager in International Business (Marketing, commerce, etc.)
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Organization management: control and performance management
  • Strategic human resource management in multicultural contexts
  • Engineering project management (dual competencies)
  • Consulting in organizational transformations

The diploma corresponds to 30 ECTS credits for full semester.

Lieu(x) :

Format(s) :
Initiale, Continue

Langue(s) :
Anglais, Français

Mobilité internationale :
Non applicable

Conditions d'admission :
Dossier de candidature, Entretien


The program welcomes students from all over the world.

  • Students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (e.g. 4-year Business Studies degree) with a focus on an aspect of business (e.g. marketing, finance, information systems, management control,accounting, human resource management) who want to develop multi-skilled expertise through a cross-sectional process approach to organizations and management in international contexts.
  • Students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (4-year degree) in non-business disciplines who want to gain expertise in business in international contexts.
  • French or foreign managers, currently employed or between jobs, with a Bachelor’s degree (and/or professional experience at management level) who want to strengthen their knowledge and managerial skills in international contexts.

All students wanting to apply for the International Management Track must have a level of English equivalent to a TOEIC score of 780 or a TOEFL score of 90 points minimum (TOEFL iBT).

Eligibility for the course will be decided after examination of the candidate’s file (application form available online).

  • Admission to the course will follow an interview with a jury/panel based on the candidate’s professional project and motivation.
  • Applications by candidates in adult continuing education who do not hold a 4-year degree or equivalent will be examined by a commission to validate their professional experience. In such cases candidates should have at least three years’ managerial responsibility.
  • Applications by candidates with foreign qualifications will be examined by a commission to validate the equivalence of their diploma.



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