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Licence professionnelle Bachelor in business administration


Présentation de la formation

The Bachelor in Business administration is a one-year program of courses in English, on the main domains of Business Administration and management (Organizational Behavior, Accountancy, Marketing, Information systems, Firm economics, Finance management, Management and entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management).
The success in all of the courses give the Degree of Bachelor in BA. This degree is recognized in France (Licence universitaire).
Each course is credited in the European Credit Transfert System (ECTS).

This program is completely in English.

This program is offered to non French students, to French students interested by a curriculum in English, and to middle-managers.

Tuitions: free for Erasmus students.


Educational: Normal tuitions of University Lille*.

For vocational/continuing education: In University Lille 1 fees apply for Continual Education.
Please ask for an invoice.

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Initiale, Continue

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Conditions d'admission :
Dossier de candidature, Entretien


You must justify of two years of higher education or a working experience.
Erasmus students must be in a Business Administration curriculum in their own university.

Erasmus Students: please contact directly Erasmus department at


Training Periods (internships):
At the end of the first semester (UE6).
Minimum: five weeks, but it can be longer. The training period will take place between mid-November and end of January. The training period can be made in France or abroad. It is supervised by a professor. It implies the writing of a training report of 20 to 40 pages (plus annexes).