Entrances to IAE are possible for any levels from the High school diploma, the recruitments are made via aptitude test and motivation interviews.


It’s one of the assets of the educational policy of IAE. They search talents, develop potentials and guide students to appropriate pathways, from the moment they have the required qualities for a good employability

Test SIM

The Score IAE message: test references university studies in management

The SIM is a national test which enable to take one writing test to apply for more than 320 trainings in management. This test measures skills of the candidates in 4 fundamental topics for future managers. This test constitutes an element to estimate the application form to University education of management. It can be required for admission for bachelor or master . The SIM is composed of question set candidate must answer within a limited time. Its designed as a score, composed by 3 under-score in French (mandatory) and one Under-score in English (optional for continuous education’s candidates). Each establishment moderates the Under-scores as it want and scores are just one estimating element of the applications (with the application form and the interview). All information and registration on

International candidates

With more than 10% international students welcomed every year, IAE pursues its international open-door policy.

For students of the European Union the procedure is the same that for french students, thanks to Erasmus exchange programme. International students who do not come from European Union countries must beforehand constitute a file at CAMPUS France. The IAE application form will not be study before this formality is complete. For more information, visit the Campus France’s website.
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