Successful diplomas

IAE’s model, a flagship SUCCESS of French University

All IAE’s Programs propose theory and research-based learning in Management Science field and offer professional expertise. This model, which favors equal opportunities and efforts, promotes the inclusion of students belonging to all social classes in the labour market.

Thanks to the quality of teaching, most IAE have become world-renowned education centers. That recognition of IAE model by students and professionals (88% of professional deem IAE’s programs respond to their recruitments’ needs –IAE France 2013 Survey) have been won with stringent requirements for Programs’ admission and entry and bring professionalism to students.

A large expertise in different types of apprenticeship

Experts in Management area for almost 60 years, IAE’s Programs deliver State Diplomas for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of Bachelor Degree, 3rd year of Professional Degree, the 1st and 2nd year of Master. Whatever your profile, you will find an IAE that can meet your Management Education needs.

  • Initial learning

    • Available to Students in pursuit of studies, without professional experience
    • Placement from 2 to 6 months, depending on the program
    • Collective works
    • Associative and collaborative projects

  • Apprenticeship

    • For students under 26 who want to pursue further education while working
    • Alternative rhythm (week, month)
    • Sign an apprenticeship contract
    • Remuneration depending on your age

  • Education for professionals

    • If you are employees, professional, self-employed or job-seekers
    • To educate yourself , improve your education, or to develop your skills
    • Accessible with training plan, education leave or individual choice
    • Possibility of validation of prior experiences and validation of occupational achievements.

  • E-learning

    • For students, employees or job-seekers
    • Permanently access pedagogical resources online Interactive working sessions with teachers
    • Seminars

Find the Program that you need

IAE FRANCE proposes more than 1000 high-quality diplomas, recognized by State and all professional of Management field. We are proud of our large educational portfolio from 1st year to PhD, concerning more than 30 levers of Management.


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