A dynamic network

Mobility favors professional evolution and insertion.

Mobility might permit to get higher professional responsibilities or to be promoted. IAE wants to promote that philosophy before entering on labor market. IAE FRANCE proposes national and international mobility to students.

IAExchange Program

This program permits to IAE FRANCE’s students to switch its place with a student from another IAE FRANCE’s School, during 1 semester. It will permit to students to enrich their experience with a new environment, and to develop their adaptability.

  • 1.Target

    Students in first year of Master in initial training

  • 2.Principles

    Exchange of students between 2 IAE during the second semester of the 1st year of Master

  • 3.Conditions

    Being student in first year of Master and to complete evaluation criteria of your original IAE.

  • 4.Practical details

    Contact the pedagogic secretariat of your program to make inquiries about existing partnership of its IAE

  • 5.Diploma

    the student will be qualified by its original IAE and will receive a transcript by the hosting IAE.

IAEbridge program

IAE FRANCE is based on its Schools network to adapt to student’s wishes. The IAEbridge program gives you the opportunity of adapting your experience: by this way you can study your 2nd master year in another IAE to improve your adaptability.

  • 1. Cible

    Étudiant en Master 1 IAE formation initiale.

  • 2. Principes

    Etudiant souhaitant effectuer son Master 2 dans un autre IAE pour une raison bien spécifique (spécialité en rapport avec le projet professionnel, alternance, déménagement...).

  • 3. Conditions

    • Etre Etudiant en Master 1 IAE
    • Moyenne>12
    • Score IAE Message

  • 4. Modalités

    • Contacter le secrétariat pédagogique pour les informer et valider votre entrée dans le programme IAE Bridge
    • Compléter le formulaire ci-dessous.

    A l’issue du processus et si vous respectez les critères demandés, vous serez convoqués à un entretien.

  • 5. Diplôme

    L’étudiant sera diplômé de son IAE d’origine pour son M1 et de l’IAE dans lequel il aura effectué le M2.