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Created in 1957, the National Association of IAE named IAE FRANCE initiates, studies and supports any measures developing and coordinating IAE’s actions. Chaired by Jerôme RIVE, elected since june 2012 (reelected in june 2015), the board of the association is composed of :


The association is led by a bureau elected for 3 year-term. Chaired by Jérôme RIVE, Directof General of iaelyon, elected since June 2012, the bureau is composed of IAE directors:

  • Laurent BIRONNEAU, Director IGR-IAE RENNES, Vice-President of Research, Strategy and Treasurer
  • Virginie DE BARNIER,Director IAE AIX-MARSEILLE, Vice-President of Communication & Accreditations
  • Camille CHAMARD, irector IAE PAU-BAYONNE, Vice-President of Network projects & Quality
  • Claire SALMON, Director IAE SAVOIE MONT-BLANC, Vice-President Companies Relations
  • Nicolas ANTHEAUME, Director IAE NANTES, Vice-President International Relations
  • Sarah LEMPEREUR, Executive Director IAE France

The role of this team is promoting and defending all the interests of IAE, animating the network IAE (partners, collaborators…) and coordinating the Quality policy through Qualicert/u> accreditation.

IAE FRANCE’s assignment at national and international level :

  • Highlighting  research in the science of management
  • Promoting IAE label (web, press, exhibitions, partnerships)
  • Coordinating and leading the quality approach
  • Representing IAE in networks and international exhibition
  • Leading the network of IAE’s colleagues to share good practices and define the joint measures
  • Defending IAE’s interests and national training’s offer in science of management


Gaston Berger, director of the Higher Education in the Ministry of Education, creates the first ones IAE in 1955. New kind of school inspired by the American model, the IAE deliver degrees of management connected with universities.

The IAE’s origin go back to the fifties. At that time in France, management pathways did not exist in universities. On the other hand, at United-States the economic growth is dued to a lot of engineers and managers from the best Business Schools connected with universities. In a midst of reconstruction, France is seriously lacking of executives while the thirty glorious years start. In 1955, Gaston Berger, director of the Higher Education in the Ministry of Education, creates the first  IAEs. Then he wishes to renew the Higher Education and plans an University opened on business world build on the American model.

The first IAE institutes have firstly one single diploma : the CAAE (Certificate of Aptitude to Business Administration – became Master MAE) with a new positioning on « dual skill ». This diploma’s goals was to give management skills to engineers and students graduated from Laws, Arts and Sciences Universities. The flagship diploma of IAE is a mini MBA on French style. It was designed to can be followed during one year in evening classes and its education was based  on case method, an innovative approach at that time.

IAE « grows » in the seventies. On the one hand the progressive recognition of sciences of management in Universities (State diplomas, Contests Aggregation, DEA and doctoral program, management in National Center of Scientist Research). On the other hand the innovative Development in the University world of partnership with economical and business world (diploma’s professionalization, continuous training, business counselling).

The creation of qualified diplomas in management will be done in this period with the Master in science of Management (MSG), the Master of technical accounting and Financial sciences (MSTCF) and the DESS (Diploma of Specialised Higher Education).

In 2005, the reform LMD (about Bachelor – Master and PhD) leads to a new Higher education landscape. In this new model, IAE are in a good position to gather best candidates and become elite pathway. Indeed the MSG’s and DESS’s transformation in masters strengthens the similarity between IAE and private or consular Schools.

Today the network counts 32 IAEs with singular stories in their own University and regional contexts.

1955 : Creation of the 5 first IAE : Aix-en Provence, Bordeaux, Dijon, Rennes and Toulouse
1956 : IAE Caen, Grenoble, Lille, Montpellier, Paris and Poitiers
1957 : Creation of National Association of IAE  (IAE FRANCE) and IAE Lyon, Nancy et Strasbourg
1958 : IAE Nantes
1963 : IAE Pau-Bayonne and La Réunion
1966-67 : IAE Clermont-Ferrand and Nice
1974 : IAE Amiens
1985 : IAE Orléans
1988 : IAE Metz
1990-91 : IAE Corte, Perpignan, Rouen and Savoie Mont-Blanc
1996 : IAE Tours and Valenciennes
2001 : IAE Brest
2007 : IAE Gustave Eiffel and Limoges
2013 : IAE La Rochelle